T and A Developments

Vivid Vision

12/13/2020 - 12/13/2023

Our Slogan:

Contributing to communities and facilitating financial freedom.


What We Do:

We have three company divisions; Commercial, Residential, and Short-term Rentals.


Our commercial division owns small local plazas with plenty of parking, storage facilities and 10-40 unit apartment buildings. We provide meticulously maintained properties that are clean and functional. Our tenants stay long term because they love how we maintain and treat our properties and tenants. Our commercial holdings are focused in Hebron, Glastonbury and Colchester, CT.


Our residential division fixes dilapidated properties and sells or rents high quality well built homes. We do not cut corners and we have the reputation as high quality builders. We focus on good towns that people want to live in. Homes located in Newington, Wethersfield, Marlborough and Lyme are fixed and sold at a profit. Houses in Glastonbury and Hebron are fixed and either rented or sold depending on how they fit in our portfolio. We own over 30 rentals in the Amston Lake District.


Our Short-term Rental division owns houses in places that we like to visit. This provides a profitable venture, and a free vacation spot that we enjoy visiting.


We fund our deals by working with a number of financial institutions and our private investors. We always honor our financial agreements and we help contribute to the financial freedom of our investors by offering passive income.


Our Mission:

We are committed to building a better community with a specific focus in Hebron, CT. A majority of our real estate portfolio is focused on the community we live in. We provide high quality well built real estate to meet our clients needs at market prices. We provide jobs to our local market and contribute to fixing up run down homes to revitalize the community. Our houses are designed to be clean, unique and desirable.


Our Core Values:

Trust, accountability, fun, freedom and creativity. We work hard and laugh harder. We respect each other, our contractors, our investors and our clients. We treat our business partners like family. We get to know people that we do business with on a personal level and we only do business with people we would want in our family.


Our Culture:

We have a passion for real estate and we love what we do. We work our asses off, but we always have fun at work, we love to laugh and remain playful. We are motivated by contributing to communities and facilitating financial freedom and having fun while doing it.


People love working with us because we treat them like family. At the end of each project we have an appreciative party as a thank you to all parties involved in the project. We invite our contractors and investors and provide good food, conversation and drinks. People love these parties, look forward to them, and talk about them all the time.


We have regular scheduled meetings to maintain great communication within the business.

  • Weekly meetings on Sunday night to review the agenda for the week, highlighting the key tasks to get done that week.
  • Monthly business meetings take place the 1st week of each month at an enjoyable venue where we review progress made and how we are doing in each of our core business competencies.
  • Quarterly meeting to review the Vivid Vision and the progress we have made on it.
  • We have an annual retreat to a beautiful and peaceful location where we review the past year and set our goals for the upcoming year.



Our marketing is targeted by location. We target specific commercial properties that interest us and residential properties in the Towns of Newington, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Marlborough, East Hampton, Hebron, Colchester, Old Saybrook, and Lyme. We mail letters to targeted lists in those towns. The marketing letters are outsourced and mailed automatically on a schedule set by us.


Our letters drive traffic to our website. Our website provides information for potential sellers, investors and tenants. Potential sellers have a seller info sheet they can fill out on our website if they are interested in selling their home.


We are members of our local Hebron, CT Route 66 BNI. The BNI provides networking leads for our business and relationships with contractors whose services we utilize regularly.


We host thank you parties at the end of each project. We also organize regular monthly meetings with friends and potential business partners to get to know them better. We value personal relationships with our business partners and each interaction is an opportunity for networking.


People do business with people they know, like and trust. We go out of our way to get to know people. We like to know what their hopes, dreams and problems are, this way we can offer solutions tailored to meet their needs.



We partner with private investors to fund our deals. Our private investors provide the flexibility and speed that allows us to structure creative deals that fit the needs of sellers. In return we help facilitate financial freedom in our investors lives by providing a passive income source to them. We love our investors as they provide much more freedom than large lending institutions. Our private investors also love working with us. They love the passive income we provide, that we always honor our financial commitments (we pay our investors before ourselves), and they become friends. We invite our investors to a party at the completion of each project they invested in. At the party we give a tour and provide before pictures. They love seeing the finished product and the camaraderie that is developed. Our investors become close friends.



Jasmine is the head of marketing and social media. Jason is the head of finance. However, we always communicate, keep each other informed and bounce ideas off each other. Our collaboration and involvement is the key to our success.


We collaborate and work together to negotiate, design, and rehab all our projects. We communicate and make decisions as a team. We both thrive on being involved and valued.


The relationships we develop with our sellers, clients, tenants, contractors and investors sets us apart from everyone else.



T and A Developments owns over $10 million dollars in local real estate and has built a local real estate empire. Jason and Jasmine make 6-figures in annual income.


Owner’s Lives:

Jason and Jasmine have quit their W-2 jobs and work for T and A Developments full-time. The cash flow from the business allows us to work from about 9-2 most days. This allows us to travel often and devote ample time to a healthy life. We have the time for crossfit workouts, stretching, yoga, sleep and massage for truly optimal health.


The business has allowed us to structure our lives the way we want and given us the freedom to do what we want, with who we want, when we want.


However…..even with all the freedom, we love working for T and A.